• Server cleaning in operations

    Server cleaning in operations

    Avoid server failure by professional cleaning

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    Goodbye dust!

    You can always count on the expertise of experts!

  • Downtime server cleaning

    Downtime server cleaning

    The purge with the highest purification efficiency

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    post constructions server cleaning

    Safely remove Construction dust contamination

  • Downtime Server cleaning

    Trust us in all things server cleaning!

    Ping T&S: Your Expert for Server cleaning

  • Server cleaning services

    Made in Germany. We will take the responsibility for the cleaning of your server!

Server cleaning expertsPing T&S: Your Expert for Server cleaning

PING Rechenzentrumsreinigung GmbH is an expert in IT cleaning for 20 years. We clean server rooms, data centers, medical equipment and technical building equipment of any type.

What kind of services do we offer you?

We offer you server cleaning during operation, as well as dust from server cleaning with controlled downtime. In practical terms, this means that the we clean your entire IT environment. We efficiently and competently clean server cabinets, 19 inch racks, network cabinets, server racks, raised floor, medical equipment, TGA equipment as well as technical media equipment.

Private and public clients

Take a look at our reference list: many of the companies are already familiar with us! We offer experience, quality and safety. Through the development of a prioritized list of measures for their IT landscape we offer fast analysis and use our knowledge from 15 years experience for you and your business.

You promote the market position of your company

A PING Rechechenzentrumsreinigung GmbH server cleaning increases the energy efficiency and life of your hardware. A correct and professional handling of complex hardware is the alpha and omega of server cleaning. This is why at PING Rechenzentrumsreinigung GmbH work exclusively with trained personnel, specialized technicians, as well as qualified personnel. By our professional Server cleaning services we ensure the operation of your server according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (dust grades 8, 11 or 13)

Good advice is important to us!

We will be happy to advise you without obligation on our services. You can inform us at any time by e-mail, by fax or by calling our Customer Helpline. We are looking forward to your call!


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München: (089) 210.94.320

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