• Server cleaning in operations

    Server cleaning in operations

    Avoid server failure by professional cleaning

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    Goodbye dust!

    You can always count on the expertise of experts!

  • Downtime server cleaning

    Downtime server cleaning

    The purge with the highest purification efficiency

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    post constructions server cleaning

    Safely remove Construction dust contamination

  • Downtime Server cleaning

    Trust us in all things server cleaning!

    Ping T&S: Your Expert for Server cleaning

  • Server cleaning services

    Made in Germany. We will take the responsibility for the cleaning of your server!

Our services for your servers at a glance

The cleaning of complex server rooms is no obstacle to us, but a challenge which we are pleased to face. Our years of expertise enable us to offer you a wide range of industrial cleaning services. Industrial cleaning services offered: our range of services includes servers dust cleaning, during operation cleaning and server cleaning with controlled downtime. Take a look at our service offerings!

Server cleaning from construction dust

Dust contamination during construction cannot be avoided, but may cause increasing hardware failures. It is therefore advisable to clean power supplies, fans, drives, and other components professionally, if a construction company was working near them. A server dust cleaning ensures the functionality and service life of your server and prevents unpleasant system failures.

Server cleaning in ongoing operation

The in operation server cleaning has the advantage that your hardware is not shut down and the operation can be continued. We are using special ESD vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of contamination by contruction dust, as a blockage of the cooling vents and other safety-related hardware components such as power supplies and CPU coolers.

Downtime Server cleaning

A Downtime Server cleaning Procedere after the removal of the components is the most efficient way of server cleaning. Your server will be completely removed from the rack, opened and cleaned inside. Downtime Server cleaning is recommended with regular intervals of 12 - 18 months


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