• Server cleaning in operations

    Server cleaning in operations

    Avoid server failure by professional cleaning

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    Goodbye dust!

    You can always count on the expertise of experts!

  • Downtime server cleaning

    Downtime server cleaning

    The purge with the highest purification efficiency

  • Server cleaning from construction dust

    post constructions server cleaning

    Safely remove Construction dust contamination

  • Downtime Server cleaning

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  • Server cleaning services

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You want to clean your server without the use being affected? We can also offer you this.

Server cleaning during operation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Server cleaning during operation

A great advantage of this cleaning process is complete, the 100% availability of all servers during the cleaning. For large firms, servers must be always be ready for use, this type of cleaning is often the only option. With our server cleaning during ongoing operation, you ensuring that your server is powerful even in continuing operation.

Increased temperature by dust = more server failure

If servers are in constant use, this automatically increases the operating temperature - this increases even more if the air pockets in your servers are blocked by dirt, as servers will consume more energy and heat up in addition.

The adjacent graph from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory shows quite clearly that the number of server failure due to increased operating temperatures growing exponentially. With a server cleaning during on-going operation, you can prevent this type of server failure.

Avoid server failure by professional cleaning

Ping T&S specialize in cleaning your server even while it's running and would be happy to advise you to the end of the server cleaning. We use special vacuum cleaner that is recommended to clean, anti-static special cleaning fluid and TUV approved cleaning agent and thus provide a server cleaning at the highest level.

In order not to interrupt operation, we continue our cleaning if necessary on Sundays, public holidays or at night, and also offer you short-term service containing spills in case of emergency clean up.

You can always count on the expertise of experts!


Quelle: Los Alamos National Laboratory


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